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The Hippocratic Oath (audio game)


If you can’t visit our exciting games – our games can come to you!
We have adapted our most immersive and unique interactive game “Sensperience” so that you can now play it together via the application Zoom, from the comfort of your home.

What is Sensperience?:

It is not interactive theatre, it is not an escape room, and it is not a house of horrors. Sensperience is a unique, innovative “immersive” (non) theatrical play, which is guided by your decisions. Player ratings confirm that the game Sensperience is one of the most immersive gaming experiences, which you can also experience online in an exciting way!

How does it work?2020-12-08T13:55:36+01:00

It is played in a team of 2 to 5 players (each connecting to Zoom from their own device). The game lasts 90 minutes and – most importantly for the experience – you sit in your favorite armchair in complete darkness all the time with headphones on your ears and a blindfold.
If you do not have a sleeping mask, you can use a scarf, shawl, ribbon or cover your eyes with some other headgear. The blindfold will strengthen your other senses and the world of the game will be clearly painted on the canvas in your head.

Theater in the head2020-12-08T13:53:26+01:00

We promise that you will forget the fact that you can’t see in the first few minutes – you will “fall in” so intensely.
In an imaginary world that will take you over and bring you to life in your head, with the help of descriptions and voice guidance of your gamemaster, you will see, hear sounds, smell smells, feel touches. You will be able to use the items you find and descend into intense interactions with the dramatists you will encounter on your mission. Remember, it will only depend on your decisions how the game progresses. There are no codes, codes or wrong decisions!
Attention: you have no supernatural powers in the game, just like in real life and you can even die in the game. Do you already feel like it will be very tense?

Only you decide2020-12-08T13:57:40+01:00

Each game is a completely exclusive experience, as the actors in the game are guided by your decisions. Each game is completely different, depending on the decisions of you and your team. You will be able to consult and decide with each other. It’s like playing in a theater just for you and with you as a director!

The game of the Hippocratic Oath2020-12-08T14:00:32+01:00

A global catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions (no, it’s not the corona virus!) Has completely changed the world. Values ​​no longer count, now it’s just a matter of survival. Anything can happen. You are the one who will decide what you will do, there are no more right or wrong decisions – your job is just to survive!


You will feel strong emotions and a rush of adrenaline. We recommend the game to people over 16 years of age.

We designed the concept in collaboration with Russian military psychologists, who use a closed-eye approach to overcome PTSD and replay crisis situations. You can now experience an upgrade to a unique game at the Enigmarium in Ljubljana (the game Hippocratic Oath, Slovenian and English) and in Zagreb (Kids Camp, Agent – Croatian).

Remember: Sensperience is just a game and in real life nothing will threaten you. An unforgettable adventure 100% guaranteed.


On Fridays at 7 pm and 9 pm.

and Saturdays at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm.

Book as soon as possible – then sit in your chair, close your eyes and feel the most immersive game you can imagine!


• Each team can have up to 5 players, each must be connected to their own device. (If you would like to play with more players, write to us at info@escape-room.si).

• Connect via your computer, tablet or phone that has a working camera and microphone along with headphones – headphones are essential for a quality experience.

• The latest version of Zoom App (https://zoom.us/download) should be installed.

• We will send you a link to Zoom 30 minutes before the game. Make sure you’re on time – sign in to the app 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of the game.

• Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

• Find a calm and quiet place where you can play 90 minutes in the dark without being disturbed.

• It is important to sit comfortably during the game and to put a blindfold over your eyes. If you do not have a sleeping mask, you can use a scarf, shawl, ribbon or cover your eyes with some other headgear. The blindfold will strengthen your other senses and the world of the game will be clearly painted on the canvas in your head.

• If your team includes more than one member from the same household, each team member should be in one’s own space (and, of course, one player per device).

• The game can trigger intense emotions. If you think that you are extremely sensitive to topics such as death, illness, murder, violence … contact us at info@escape-room.si to discuss this in advance. And don’t forget – it’s just a game!

If you’re not sure and wondering if the games is for you, take a look at how Room Escape Artist, one of the most important real-life influences in the world, experienced Sensperience.

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