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Enigmarium® proudly presents SENSPERIENCE, the most immersive interactive gaming experience you can imagine! 90 minutes of breathtaking adventure await you – a mission that will astonish all your senses.

SENSPERIENCE is a unique interactive game. This immersive theatrical/escape game experience was developed in cooperation with military psychologists by the Morpheus® game team in Moscow. When the Enigmarium® team first encountered the game, we instantly fell in love with it.

A fully adapted and localised game is now available in Slovenia and Croatia.

Do you dare to escape from reality?

Book now, a unique, individual and unforgettable adventure awaits you!

If you’re not sure and wondering if the games is for you, take a look at how Room Escape Artist, one of the most important real-life influences in the world, experienced Sensperience.

Detailed description and review at the link below:

Room Escape Artist review Sensperience game >>

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Enter a world that has fallen prey to a tremendous cataclysm wherein humanity has begun to lose its core values. Experience the intensity of surviving through what remains as you strive to find a cure for the terrible virus that now threatens the global population. There are no right or wrong decisions along your path – only the question: can you save the world?
Age recommendation: 16 years and older
Maximum number of players: 6

Performances in May (at 8:00 PM)

Tuesday, 14.05. |  Sunday, 26.05. | Tuesday, 28.05.

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The price to play the 90-minute game SENSPERIENCE is 140 EUR / per team of two to four players.
(+additional 35€ per fifth or sixth participant)

SENSPERIENCE is a unique option for “Team Building” activities or for a truly special birthday celebration. You can even book a session outside our normal operating hours. Give us a call at +386 (0) 31 33 44 88! Advance payment is required for the Sensperience game, after booking you will receive a proforma invoice with instructions for payment.

Special instructions

Please arrive at Escape Room Enigmarium® Ljubljana, Trdinova ul. 8, at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Be on time, because if you come too late, you may not be able to play the game (as other players may have booked the slot after you), which would really be a wasted opportunity for fun! Once you have visited the restroom and secured your personal belongings in a locker, then a friendly gamemaster will inform you of the instructions and ask you to sign a non-disclosure declaration that you agree to keep our secrets secret.


Escape Room Enigmarium®
Trdinova ulica 8, Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 (0) 31 33 44 88
E-mail: info@escape-room.si
Web: www.sensperience.com

Operating hours

Advance bookings are mandatory since this performance is only played at previously scheduled times (see above).


FAQ and Good things to know

Escape Room Enigmarium® is located in the centre of Ljubljana on Trdinova ulica 8 (near the courthouse)  – walking distance from Tromostovje or Ljubljanica river. You can park in the Trdinova Parking Garage located just a few metres away. If you’re coming with the city bus, we are approximately 100 metres from the busstop Bavarski dvor (Kozolec/Korabar). Both the main bus station and the train station are also in the direct vicinity.
No, it’s not a horror movie or the House of Horrors. But the dramaturgy can be intense, so it is important that you remember that it is only a game! Nothing will endanger you or your health in real life (for instance – even the raindrops you will possibly feel in the game if it is raining are made from a sterile solution).   
Sensperience is something completely different – it is not an escape room as you may know it, it is an interactive theatrical experience, where everything depends on your own decisions. Speaking of Enigmarium®’s other games: all our games are unique and have a different theme with different puzzles – they all have one thing in common: you’ll have FUN!
The game is playable in English or Slovenian language, so you need to choose in which language you’ll play when you make your booking. During the game you’ll most likely experience intense emotions, therefore we do not recommend it for people with PTSD or stress-related medical conditions, those under the age of 16 (only if accompanied by parents), pregnant women, and those suffering from mental disorders. We reserve the right to cancel the game or remove individual players from the game if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Don’t worry, if you experience discomfort beyond what you feel appropriate for this experience, you can raise your arms into an “X” shape at any time – the gamemaster will then escort you from your chair. Although nothing will endanger you during this experience, it is okay to leave at any time – your team can stay and continue playing without you. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if your entire team decides to leave the game in the first ten minutes, we’ll refund your money.

Your gamemaster will explain the rules and ask you to sign a statement that you agree with the terms and conditions and agree to our Non-disclosure agreement – surely you concur that it wouldn’t be cool if someone told you the scenario of the game in advance and spoil all the fun …

During the game, you’ll sit in a comfortable chair with a blindfold over your eyes. You are not allowed to stand up or take off the blindfold – if you want to leave the game, just cross your hands over your head and we’ll escort you out of the room.

Our experience says that the game runs best when groups are small: two, three or four, max five people – for both better cooperation and communication – it is our warm recommendation, that in the case of a group with 6 persons, we prefer to form two groups of three people.

Absolutely right! So that you can enjoy the game and so that your mobile telephone won’t interrupt the gameplay, we recommend that you lock it in the locker that we have provided for that purpose. (Of course, you can take the key to the locker with you into the Sensperience room.) We also kind ask that the scenario of the game remain a secret. It certainly wouldn’t be cool if someone else spoiled the fun with telling you everything …

Just yourself – and good company.

We’ll be pleased to assist you with that! Just send us an email message and clarify that you’d like SENSPERIENCE gift voucher. We’ll prepare a preliminary invoice for you, after we receive your payment we’ll send you an elegant certificate with a unique code with which the recipient can make a booking using our online booking system.

Escape Room Enigmarium® locations

Ljubljana (SLO) – 6 rooms

The biggest escape room centre in the Alpe Adria region with SIX popular games in Ljubljana: Salvation Room, Classroom of Doom, the Artist Francesco’s lost inspiration, the Maestro Luigi’s secret recipe and Unlock® Ljubljana – outdoor game! And now, SENSPERIENCE!


Maribor – 5 games

Take part in the Medieval story of Dr. Hannibal and discover what kept the doctor alive while he helped patients survive the plague. However, you must escape before you get infected – in one hour!


Zagreb (HR) – 3 games

We’ll take you back to the times when the people of Zagreb believed in witches! A successful and pretty young woman named Barica has been accused of witchcraft and her life is in danger. You will be sent back in time to help Barica prove her innocence and save her life­.


Laško (2 games)

In the very same house in Laško in which the first barrel of beer was brewed in Slovenia, there is an original and entertaining challenge connected to the actual history and of course, to beer! Will you be able to find the way to the hidden and encrypted BREWER’S GOLD in one hour? Or play outdoor escape game Unlock Laško?


Sensperience®, Escape room Enigmarium® or Unlock® in your city? Click here >>


“Damn good”

Came with high expectations and was still blown away. The staff is super frendly and guides you through this unique experience which you will talk about for days. More than an hour of high adrenaline and an emotional rollercoaster. Will come back for sure.

Davor S., Trip Advisor. May 31, 2018 | Morpheus, Zagreb

“Impressive imaginary escape room”

We came from the Netherlands. We wanted to do something in the evening to experience something original, and we did! With a good story, personal adjustments and real stimulated fantasie we did something brand new. The first few minuts you had to adjust, but after that it’s like nothing you experienced before. I recomend to open up and try the adventure. You won’t be dissapointed!

Luuk H., Trip Advisor, 1 May 2018 | Morpheus, Zagreb

“Room Escape brought to a whole new level”

AWESOME! Sensory deprivation, a cool and intriguing storyline, actors, a load of props and a narrator come together to make a you feel like you’re living through the story. You can be an adult all you want, you’re still going to feel like you’re there. Pleasant surprise, something trully unique, 10/10 would recommend.

Domagoj Š., Trip Advisor, 28 April 2018 | Morpheus, Zagreb

“Mind blowing!”

When my friends suggested that we play the game, I was kinda sceptic about the whole idea of playing a game in my head with three other people, but I am happy to say that I was proved wrong. The game is really different from anything I’ve ever played, it’s super intense and fun. At the beginning I felt awkward with the blindfold, but as the game went on, I really got into it. It’s a little bit scary at times, but the adrenaline rush is amazing and totally worth it.

I would recomend this to anyone who wants to have a good times with their friends, but in a more unique way.

Alma P., Trip Advisor, 27 April 2018, Morpheus, Zagreb

“Feel yourself and your teammates in a new way”

Stunning, with nothing comparable experience, this is a unique opportunity to create your own game, of course, with the support of the staff and actors Morpheus. The main thing is just to believe and trust, then the impression will be memorable. Interesting exciting plot with moments of real tension, the end is getting ready to break up and rush into this new reality. Very pleased that it was not just the work of our imagination, but there were certain goals and tasks that need to be solved logically and choose the best strategy for action. Many thanks for the excellent performance of the operator of the work (it’s a big deal though, to adapt the game for each team and make it the most exciting and interesting) and attention to guests, as well as an actor for the game, from which as much goose ran back .. then from fear, joy 🙂 Insanely satisfied quest, be sure to try other games, and it is strongly recommended to attend to all those who have not yet tried it, like all of his six senses work :))

lyonathoc, Barcelona, Trip Advisor, Morpheus, Moskva

“Very cool!”

Exciting, atmospheric, terrifying quest “A Hippocrates”. Very strong impression! There were now five people were among us and those who have played a lot of claustrophobia, and those who do come to play for the first time. I liked everything! Of course, this is a completely different genre, so it is especially should appeal to those who are the usual quests “leave the room” already tired of. Really struck by the fact that everything is happening only in your head!

Maria K., Trip Advisor, Morpheus, Moskva